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Matrimonial & Family Law

Matrimonial cases are often highly emotional and touch on the most sensitive of issues relating to the future relationships with the parties’ children and economic consequences of a divorce. Mr. Davis has prided himself in representing his clients with two goals; first, to try to resolve all cases as amicably as possible, through active negotiation. All attorneys should advise their clients that before the parties allow a judge who is a stranger to them, to decide their future, they should do everything they can to resolve it between themselves. Alternatively, only if negotiations fail, Mr. Davis will advocate and, if necessary, try such cases to conclusion before the Court to obtain the best results possible.

Mr. Davis has handled all aspects of matrimonial cases including child and spousal support, equitable distribution, valuation of businesses, practices, or licenses, the award of counsel and expert fees, custody and visitation and all related matters.

Mr. Davis represents clients in Supreme Court and Family Court onĀ all aspects of matrimonial and family law. Included in this is the preparation of separation and settlement agreements and pre and post-nuptial agreements. He also represents clients on post-judgment enforcement or modification applications. These are motions brought when a party is not abiding by the divorce judgment or the terms of the parties’ agreement, or is requesting that the Court modify certain terms due to a change of circumstances.